Bullies Who Burnt Victim’s Hair And Snapchatted The Attack Handed Cautions


Three vile teenage bullies who filmed themselves viciously attacking a younger girl and burning her hair extensions, then put the video on Snapchat, have escaped with police cautions.

The trio repeatedly punched and kicked a cowering 15-year-old Sophie Nevard on July 11 in Hesketh Park in Dartford, Kent. In the footage, one onlooker can be heard pleading with them to stop the attack, which came moments after they burned her weave in front of a crowd.

The shocking video was shared on Snapchat with the caption “Sophie Nevard getting f*cked up” and smiley face emoticons.

The horrible video was seen and shared by Sophie’s mother Sarah on Facebook, in the hope of finding the attackers.


At the time, Sarah wrote:

These two girls had beaten up my 15 year old daughter and filmed it. Humiliating her by burning her hair extensions and laughing about it on snapchat. Absolutely fuming.

Police were informed and a 16 and 17-year-old girl have now received cautions for assault and a 15-year-old girl has been given a harassment warning.

Given that Sophie is reportedly too scared to even leave the house following the attack, we’re sure many will question whether a police warning is really enough of a punishment for these bullies!