Bully Gets Insanely Brutal Choke-Slam Knockout Down Flight Of Stairs

by : UNILAD on : 21 May 2016 12:24

There’s standing up for yourself in the face of a bully and then there’s just plain horrific overreaction…


Absolutely brutal footage has been posted to YouTube of the moment a ‘bully’ gets choke slammed down a flight of concrete steps after stealing a guy’s hat.

The pair face off halfway up the flight of stairs – with the topless bloke clearly acting the hard man and getting in the other guy’s face.

It all seems relatively tame until the ‘bully’ pinches the other guy’s hat off his head after – it looks like – pretending to give him a hug.


At this point shit escalates incredibly quickly – maybe the cap has extreme sentimental value – as the bully is gripped in a pretty serious looking choke by the other guy.


It looks like he passes out before being hurled down the stairs and landing face first on the concrete with a stomach churning impact.

At first it looks like he could be seriously injured but all of a sudden he springs back into life and bizarrely starts doing press ups over a pool of his own blood.


He really seems to have got off lightly there, but seriously both of these guys really need to chill the fuck out.

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