Bully Instantly Regrets Picking On The Wrong Guy



As the old saying goes ‘karma’s a bitch’, well it turns out it’s got a brutal left hook as well. 

A shocking video, released on LiveLeak, shows the moment that a cruel bully in the Netherlands gets knocked on his arse after picking on the wrong guy, The Express reports.

In the short clip, which seems to have been recorded on a mobile phone, the bully pursues his would-be victim through the street clearly spoiling for a fight and at one point kicking his victim to provoke him.


Unfortunately for the anonymous thug he’d picked on the wrong guy and was soon flat on his back after his victim lashed out, knocking him out with a single left hook.

Adding insult to literal injury, the bully’s mates then seem to turn on him, laughing at him for his idiotic mistake while he looks on dumbfounded at what just happened to him.

For the record we’re not saying that violence is the answer to your problems but let this be a message to bullies everywhere – stop picking on people, you never know when the tables will turn…