Bully Picking On Smaller Kid Gets Dealt A Brutal Dose Of Karma


It’s always satisfying to see a bully get a taste of their own medicine – and this guy was dealt some pretty brutal karma.

We don’t condone violence, but this guy seems to have needed to be taught a lesson.

The footage shows two youngsters with what sound like Canadian accents arguing in front of a crowd, reports the Mirror.


Then one of the guys – who is quite a lot bigger than the other one – accuses his rival of ‘talking shit all the time’ before launching at him.

The smaller kid – in the red jacket – tries to defend himself but is trapped in a headlock and wrestled to the ground.

The bully then picks up and bodyslams the boy onto the floor – before delivering a series of vicious punches to his face.


Then comes the karma. From out of nowhere another kid sprints into the frame, leaps into the air and lands a two footed dropkick on the bully’s neck, sending his head banging into the frozen ground.

Incredibly, the dazed bully gets to his feet – despite what looked like a serious injury.

Beneath the video – which has been viewed more than half a million times in Vidme – a user calling themselves Houle99 claims to have later beaten up the bully as revenge for the video.


He also said the bully had previously been picking on his 13-year-old brother:

I beat that bully up I bullied that bully made him cry.

I’m glad I fucked this kid up with out a scratch I avenged this kid and my little brother – fuck this bully.

Maybe he’ll think again before picking on kids smaller than him.