Bully Receives Instant Karma After ‘Cornering’ Trained MMA Fighter


There’s just something about watching sweet karma take place in front of our eyes which appeals to the human heart – it’s satisfactory, like that first sip of a pint – endorphins galore.

This story does just that.

Not only is it karma but there’s also a sense of an underdog story in this.

The odds are against our hero, but just like David, he triumphs against Goliath – obliterating him with a wrath of fury.

How? Because he’s secretly trained in MMA, according to the Mirror.

So wasting no more time, let’s get straight to it:

[ooyala player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ auto=”true” width=”640″ height=”360″ pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”5pMGkyZTE6-8WG4BIr2J2ybE3CLWshza”]

As you can see, the video begins with quite a harrowing scene – a mob of what can only be assumed to be American high school students marching towards a boy in a check shirt who continues to back away from them.

Making things even more horrific and terrifying, one onlooker taunts the ‘victim’ shouting ‘you’re running out of room to back up to’.

Then the bully, who’s acting aggressively, lunges forward towards his prey – but before he has time to do a thing, he’s kicked in the left leg and hit repeatedly in the face, sending him spiralling down to the ground.

The crowd guffaws and sighs, all of whom seemingly trapped in shock.

TV One/YouTube

Yet he doesn’t stop there.

What follows is a second wind of punches to the bully before the MMA fighter gets him into a stranglehold and begins to choke him – the bully’s face looking like a tense red balloon about to pop.

The video then comes to an end when members of the crowd begin begging the MMA fighter to let him go, saying ‘he’s bleeding, he’s bleeding’.

Although the ins and outs of this story remain relatively unknown, it appears to tell an age old moral tale – don’t bully – you could end up being made to look a right idiot.

Doubt he’ll be staging fights like this again.