Bungee Cord Snaps As Theme Park Ride Prepares To Launch

by : Lucy Connolly on : 22 Aug 2019 15:46
Bungee Cord Snaps As Theme Park Ride Prepares To LaunchBungee Cord Snaps As Theme Park Ride Prepares To LaunchStoryful

Theme park goers received the shock of their life recently when a bungee cord on their ride snapped just as they were about to launch into the air.

Video footage of the horrifying moment shows two men about to be launched from a slingshot-style ride at Cobra Adventure Park in Panama City Beach, Florida, before one of the ride’s main cables snaps.


The incident happened on Saturday night (August 17), when Krissy Hurst visited the theme park with three of her friends.

You can watch what happened below:

Nick Patel and his friend were strapped into the slingshot ride and were preparing for it to take off at the promised 100mph before the incident happened, with Krissy and her friend Lissette O’Brien looking on.


As the men sat in their seats, they were told by the two women they would be ‘screaming like sissies in about 10 seconds’, before counting down to the ride taking off.

They never got the chance to scream like sissies though, because just before the ride operator pressed the lever to launch them into the air a bungee cord appeared to snap and fray, causing one of the women to exclaim: ‘Holy shit!’

Bungee cord snapped Bungee cord snapped Storyful

O’Brien can then be heard saying, ‘Oh my God… just dodged death’, as the two men looked at the snapped cord in confusion and the amusement park workers rushed to get them off the ride.


She said everyone was ‘super shocked’ at what had happened, adding that the ride was immediately closed and both men given refunds.

Hurst later posted the video, which was taken by O’Brien, to her social media and said the group wouldn’t be going on any other rides like that again. It soon went viral, with many saying they had ‘never’ seen anything like this before.

Krissy, from Havana, Florida, told FOX 13 News she has ridden the ride many times, but her friend Lissette decided she didn’t want to at the last minute because of a ‘bad feeling’.

Bungee cord rideBungee cord rideStoryful

The two women ended up filming the video instead, because they were reportedly told the ride’s video system was not working at the time.

The video cuts off as the ride’s two attendants start unbuckling the men from the ride’s chair as one of them makes a praying gesture with his hands. Hurst said that, although the park gave the men a refund, she ‘doesn’t feel like anybody was really apologetic’.

The men are still ‘completely freaked out,’ according to Hurst.

UNILAD reached out to Cobra Adventure Park for comment.


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