Burger King’s Black Bun Is Going To Be Available In The UK

Burger King

They’ve been causing quite the stir in Japan and, now, Burger King’s black bun is finally coming to the UK this Halloween.

There’s just one catch – it’ll only be available for one month. October.

The fast food giants are bringing the spooky black bun to their restaurants in Britain (and the U.S.) until October 31 to mark the creepy holiday.

Burger King announced the news on their Twitter account, claiming “something wicked is coming”, which may be overstating the drama of darkened bread just a tad.

The wacky looking Halloween Whopper is created using a natural colourant and has the chain’s famous steak sauce actually baked into the bun. Apparently it has a black pepper flavour. Nice.

Not everyone is convinced by the unique burger, with some claiming the bread looks burnt or infected in some way. But, you know what, screw those people. It’s a black bun which tastes like steak sauce. If you think we’re not trying this for ourselves, you’re out of your damn minds!