Burglar Caught After Getting Trousers Caught On Fence

by : Francesca Donovan on : 26 Mar 2017 17:33
Facebook/Jesse Sensibar

A man who was allegedly attempting to steal from a school was caught with his pants down. Literally.


The baggy-trousered man was reportedly spotted trying to break into Miles Elementary School in Tuscon, Arizona, when he was spooked by a locksmith and tried to make a run for it, reports ABC15.

In his haste, the alleged burglar got his trousers caught on the school’s metal fence when he tried to jump it, with hilarious results.

One more reason not to jump fences in baggy pants. I saw this homie hanging around at the Miles School this morning when…

Posted by Jesse Sensibar on Friday, 24 March 2017

Eye-witness, Jesse Sensibar – who was driving past the school – stumbled across this scene and snapped this glorious moment in time.


Jesse wrote:

I saw this homie hanging around at the Miles School this morning when I was rolling eastbound on Broadway Avenue.

I was going to help him off the fence but by the time I got back around the block the cops were rolling up two cars deep.

I don’t know what his story was but it must not have been good enough, fifteen minutes later when I went back by the other direction going home he was cuffed up in the backseat.

Facebook/Jesse Sensibar

Jesse (pictured above) claimed the unidentified man ‘smiled for the camera’, and asserted this incident is just another reason to avoid wearing baggy pants.

Tuscon Police are yet to release a statement regarding the man’s alleged attempt to steal from a local school.

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