Burglar Gets Stuck In Window, Police Take Pictures

Greater Manchester Police

We’ve seen some pretty stupid criminals in our time and this is guy is no exception. 

Sean Crawshaw has been branded Britain’s worst burglar after getting stuck in a bathroom window of a house he was trying to rob, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The Home Alone-esque caper last December entertained officers from Greater Manchester Police so much, that they decided to snap a few pics of the failed thief.

Crawshaw managed to get his head wedged in a small bathroom window of the property, roughly 15 feet above the ground.

The 47-year-old, from Radcliffe, was found by the home’s owner when she returned to the property.

The fire brigade were called out to free Crawshaw, in an operation that took around 20 minutes and injured his ear in the process.

The community support officer who took the picture, Norman Taylor, told The Independent:

It’s the first time we’ve seen this happen. Burglars have got stuck in windows before, but they usually manage to free themselves. We call this guy the bungling burglar. We get a bit of fun out of it, but it also serves as a warning. People think that if there are no ladders, burglars can’t get up. But burglaries are common in this area, and the reality is that they often go for the drain pipes — which is what this one appears to have done.

Greater Manchester Police

Crawshaw was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison at a court hearing in January.

Which just goes to show you that crime really doesn’t pay.