Burglars Use Sinister ‘Sellotape Trick’ To Help Them Rob Houses

burglars using the sellotape trick to mark housesUNILAD

A warning has been released to homeowners regarding a new ‘sellotape trick’ used by prospective thieves to mark out houses as easy targets for burglarisation. 

A number of residents in Dublin have expressed concern over a ‘sinister’ so-called sellotape trick they believe is being used by criminals to test whether properties in the area are vacant.

The method is simple but devious and is the latest means of ‘property marking’.

North Strand, Dublin, locals believe burglars are placing clear sellotape tape over keyholes to see which houses could be potentially vacant or unvisited, reports the Irish Independent.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, told the paper:

It’s a tactic they use. They cover the keyhole with clear sellotape to establish if the house is being accessed. Two houses were found to have this tape on my street recently in North Strand. This is deeply concerning for residents.

The resident added locals had requested additional patrols in the area and felt satisfied gardaí are ‘taking the matter seriously’.

Dublin City Councillor Ciaran Cuffe confirmed he had been told of a few similar incidents in recent months.

The Councillor said:

It can be a way of determining whether a building is in use. I could see it being used for sinister uses like burglary, or there may be other reasons.

He admitted there are a ‘huge amount’ of empty buildings in his constituency, but noted some are vacant for ‘the right reasons’.

Elaborating, he continued:

Some are vacant because people are away on holidays and someone may have died and the house is being put through probate.

The ‘sellotape trick’ would no doubt be invisible to a passing local. According to SafeHome.org burglars tend to be opportunistic criminals.

burglars using the sellotape trick to mark housesUNILAD

Their research shows:

Thieves are always looking out for themselves, so it is crucial to do the same and be ruthless in protecting your own home, self, and family from any dangerous or unwanted situation.

By staying aware and actively playing on the safe side, you will shoo off the bad guys.

They generally target homes they know they can get easily access without getting caught. With that said, they try to find homes where they can easily get in and out as quickly as possible.

But there are plenty of ways to ensure your home stays safe. By keeping all doors and windows locked, they claim, you are putting a ‘buffer of time’ between a burglar and your beloved belongings.

According to the experts, burglars can be put off by an excessive amount of effort it takes to gain access to a home, as well as noise, for example, the barking of a dog or a home security alarm.

German Shepherd Lying DownPexels

Prospective burglars are also more likely to attempt to break into and enter a house in a darker area.

SafeHomes.org recommends installing sensor lights, keeping any shadowy hedges and trees trimmed and communicating with neighbours if you’re leaving the house empty for an extended period of time.

Or you could just hope the guy who tries to burglarise your house is a daft as this bloke:

Stay safe, folks.

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