Burnout Creator’s New Game Dangerous Golf Looks Absolutely Ridiculous


Dangerous Golf looks to be exactly the kind of game you’d expect from the creators of Burnout – a franchise that rewards you for causing as much chaos as possible.

So what’s your goal in this intriguing new golf title? Fuck shit up in the most spectacular way possible. That’s basically it.

Dangerous Golf  comes courtesy of Three Fields Entertainment, an indie studio started by Alex Ward and fellow colleagues who worked on the acclaimed Burnout racing game series at one point.

Now they’ve traded racetracks and fast cars for five irons and birdies.

Dangerous Golf has a real PlayStation 2 era local multiplayer vibe to it – and I mean that as great praise. It looks exactly like the kind of inconsequential game mode that was tucked away in a racing game or some such thing that was never intended to be the main draw, but that most of us spent hours pissing about with.

As Ward told The Verge:

We’ve been creating gameplay that’s never been done before, guided by our own sense of stupidity. Until you’ve smashed up some toilets and jumped a golf ball out of a mop bucket, I guess you haven’t lived.

Still, despite the fact that it recalls the simple games of yesteryear, it’s actually powered by a very powerful modern physics engine, which seems to contribute to the chaos of every situation.

Take a look at the game in action below, with some footage captured by Kotaku.

If you’ve got a real appetite for destruction now, Dangerous Golf comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early June.