Burnout Devs Making Time Crisis Inspired VR Game



Three Fields Entertainment – a relatively new studio made up of folk who brought Burnout to the world – have a new Time Crisis-inspired game in the works.

Burnout + Time Crisis + Virtual Reality is surely gonna equal mayhem, right? Hopefully Lethal VR will deliver the kind of madness we’re used to from both franchises.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the first game from Three Fields was an insane destruction-hungry title called Dangerous Golf, so we know they haven’t lost their taste for the OTT.


Lethal VR will essentially be a shooting range in VR, inspired by a visit to the Las Vegas Gun Store that lead developer Alex Ward took when he was younger.

Ward explained to Kotaku why the small team of eight are so pumped up by VR:

What excites us about VR, I think all developers are excited by it, is it gives you total immersion. It’s a definite must-try experience. Everybody, gamer or non gamer, wants to try this. Everyone’s got an idea in their head that they’ve seen in films or TV, one of those Tomorrow’s World type experiences. You expect to put this thing on your head and be transported to a different world, and that’s what it is.

The main drive behind Lethal VR, according to Ward, is to give players the chance to really experience what you can get up to in a shooting range.

Personally, I’m not sure I’m quite ready to shoot actual people with the immersion of VR, so a shooting range will do just nicely.


We can also expect an arcade style scoring system, and various modes – including one inspired by Time Crisis (and FBI training) in which the player has to shoot the bad guys but avoid the innocent women and children.

Ward explains:

We wanted to make a game, not a 20-minute experience, a real game where you can get scores. Are you gonna play a VR game for 50 hours? No, you’re probably not. But can you get some people around and have a good time? Yeah, you can.

Check out the launch trailer just below.

Lethal VR releases for the HTC Vive on November 8, with a PlayStation VR version to come sometime before the end of the year.