Bus Passengers Silently Fight Over Window For What Feels Like Forever

by : Emily Brown on : 07 Aug 2018 14:42
Bus passengers fight over windowBus passengers fight over windowViralHog

Two bus passengers spent far too much time engaged in a silent war on a bus in Russia where they battled over whether the window should be open or closed. 

The drawn out fight saw a male passenger repeatedly pushing the window above a woman’s head open, while she responded consistently by closing it again.

Neither passenger seemed to actually acknowledge the other throughout the whole ordeal, apparently completely refusing to talk or look at one another.


For a mostly silent video which simply involves two people and a window, the footage is actually captivating. I think it’s the hypnotic sliding of the window.

Check out the hilarious video here:

You’d think after the first minute or so, one of the passengers would give up. But apparently not, and their determination saw them through almost four minutes of fighting – probably more, assuming it had been going on long enough beforehand that the person behind the camera deemed it worth recording.


The window war started off with a lack of contact between the two enemies, but it didn’t take long before the woman decided to hold her hand on the window in order to prevent the man from moving it.

The guy’s strength proved too much for the woman’s hand however, and he managed to push the window open anyway.

This is where things got slightly more aggressive – but still maintained a lack of eye contact or speech.

Bus passengers fight over windowBus passengers fight over windowViralHog

The pairs’ hands made contact as they both fought for what they believed in regarding the window, until it looked like the woman had given up.

The man removed his hand from where it held the window open, possibly thinking he had won the war. But alas, the woman powered on, and pushed the window closed again as soon as the opportunity arose.

Now, I understand that it’s annoying to have an unwanted breeze on you when you want to keep warm, but in the guy’s defence, would the air through the window really have affected the woman as the bus moved? It seems like it would have just gone over her head.

But given the lack of context, I’m not really sure who was making the temperature-appropriate decision.


None of the other passengers stepped in to have a say in the silent battle, presumably meaning it didn’t really matter if the window was open or not, and suggesting that the fighting pair were really just being petty.

It got to the point where both people were just waiting for the other to react, yet they carried on anyway. I think it’s safe to say that despite not knowing who they are, we’ve learned that both of the strangers in the video are very, very competitive.

Commenters on the video questioned the unending patience between the two passengers, with one person writing:


I don’t understand how this goes on for so long and neither one of them loses their temper.

As the video ends before a resolution is achieved, we’ll never know how long the pair fought for. They could still be riding the bus, refusing to get off until one of them takes the crown.

Good luck to them both.

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