Bus Worker Caught Repeatedly Slapping Autistic Six-Year-Old Girl


Horrendous footage has emerged of an autistic girl being slapped by a bus worker and it’s seriously distressing. 

The shocking video alleges to show a bus worker slapping a six-year-old girl with autism around the face, during a school run in New Lenox, Illinois near Chicago.

In the appalling clip, shown on ABC 7, the woman can be heard chastising the child, Kaylee, who is in a state of visible distress, pointing her finger at her and telling her ‘no,’ before appearing to slap her in the face.

Kaylee’s mum Madeline Norley, rightfully slammed the clip as ‘disgusting’, saying it almost brought her to tears and her dad, Nicholas Rushing, said he’d never felt so mad before and it ‘broke his heart’, according to CNN. 

The parents were not on board at the time and only found out about the devastating situation when the superintendent of the local area showed them the recording.

Kaylee’s dad explained although she wasn’t injured, she had been affected by it and this has changed her behaviour in dealing with strangers.


The woman had allegedly been getting too close to Kaylee invading her personal space, when the child spat on her, which – according to reports – led to her slapping the six-year-old.

According to news reports, the woman allegedly seen smacking the child is not a district employee and the police are currently investigating the incident.

A pretty horrifying situation to occur, hopefully the police and parents will get to the bottom of it all and things will get resolved, so no other child has to endure what Kaylee went through.