Calais Refugees Explain Why They’re More Than A ‘Bunch Of Migrants’

by : UNILAD on : 02 Feb 2016 20:06
Help Refugees/YouTube

David Cameron’s recent dismissal of asylum seekers in the Calais jungle as ‘a bunch of migrants’ didn’t go down too well in parliament, and now the people he was referring to have replied.


A group dedicated to aiding those who unfortunately find themselves in the Calais Jungle, known as ‘Help Refugees’, has taken the short trip over the channel to find out a little bit more about their personal histories.

The group set up a white board and selected asylum seekers at random to write down their professions. They then produced this video, which may well surprise a few people.

Check it out:


Speaking to the Huffington Post, Help Refugees co-founder Lliana Bird explained why they made the trip.

She said:

We wanted to highlight that many of the refugees living in Calais are in fact skilled and talented professionals with much to offer society.

In a random group of around 40 refugees we found they had left behind careers as diverse as pro-footballers, clinical nurses and animators, so just think what a pool of untapped talent may be lying amongst the 6,000 residents.

Let’s make sure we aren’t missing out on the next Mo Farah by de-humanising them all as a ‘bunch of migrants’.

Bird is absolutely right.

Some politicians are all too ready to speak about a collective, and forget they are actually referring to thousands of individual human beings who just want their lives back.


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    Refugees In Calais Explain To David Cameron Why They're Not Just 'A Bunch Of Migrants'