California College Application Lets Students Choose From Six Different Genders

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A college in California now gives students a choice of six different genders to choose from on its application forms.

The form will now let students applying to UC Irvine choose from identifying as male, female, trans male, trans female, gender queer/gender non-conforming and different identity.

The answers won’t affect the decision making process in applications, and are strictly voluntary.

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Students were given a say on the decision, and CBS Los Angeles interviewed several of them, who were all supportive of the move.

One, Donna Taqawi, said:

I feel like people should have their freedom to be called what they want to be called

Nizar Hakim, another student said:

I don’t mind; everybody do what they want. I don’t want to judge people


The progressive institution introduced gender-neutral toilets across campus in 2014, a move which was hailed as the first of its kind at a US college.

Earlier this year they also banned the American flag from their campus for its imperialist and colonial connotations, saying it promotes hate, not inclusivity.