California Just Moved A Huge Step Closer To Independence From The US


Who knew that so many Californians wanted to secede from the United States and become independent?

I did. Saw it mentioned earlier this year somewhere. But generally, who. The. Fuck?

Yes, it turns out that many citizens of the west coast state have had enough of Texas and Chicago and Florida’s shit.

The original launch to kick-start the movement failed miserably back in April but California is back and hungry for independence. A ballot box has been approved which, if it attains near to 600,000 signatures in 180 days, will grant its vote in the 2018 election.

The LA Times explained:

The initiative wouldn’t necessarily result in California exiting the country, but could allow the state to be a ‘fully functioning sovereign and autonomous nation’ with the US.

If that wasn’t enough, there has long been calls for a 51st state called Jefferson to be established which would include sections of northern California and southern Oregon. It’s been ongoing since World War II.

Anti-Media reported shortly after the Trump victory in 2016:

People are rioting and protesting over Trump’s win throughout California but celebrating in Alabama, and against the backdrop of an ever-encroaching federal government, it appears these differences are growing difficult to reconcile.

This election put the deep societal rifts between left, right, and those in between on stark display, and the degree of hate and animosity is palpable.

What do y’all make of this? I think they should quit their whining and come together to deal with their problems instead of running away and creating make-believe states. But then I would happily revel in an independent Yorkshire, so who the fuck am I to slate them?