Call of Duty 2 Runs Smooth As Silk With Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility


The excellent Call of Duty 2 was recently introduced to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program, and wouldn’t you know it? The game’s technical performance is greatly improved on the more powerful console. 

This analysis comes courtesy of the always-thorough tech outlet Digital Foundrywho are here to tell us that running the WWII shooter on an Xbox One almost completely eliminates the original’s frame rate dips.

You may not remember (or even care), but the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2 actually suffered from frequent lurching stutters, in spite of its 60 FPS target ouput.

Digital Foundry reports that it has a 16.7m render budget per frame, but never quite manages to consistently hit that target – this would often lead the game to run at 30FPS for moments, before going back up to 60.

At any rate, this rarely (if ever) happens when playing the game on Xbox One, as is explained in the video below.

There’s still the odd drop in places – especially when there are a ton of enemies on screen – however, the Xbox One’s extra power handles the majority of effects with no problems whatsoever.

It should be noted that the game still only runs in 720p and doesn’t feature enhanced visuals. It’s nothing more than a backwards compatible port, after all.

Still, an overall smoother experience is a great change – it’s just a shame we had to wait over a decade to play Call of Duty 2 on a console that could run it without too many issues.