Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Gets Seven Minute Gameplay Video



People have been hating on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare since it was announced, but will this newly released E3 gameplay demo help turn opinion around?

Sony shared a seven minute look at the campaign during their E3 show that demonstrates dogfights, grappling hooks, and Zero-G combat.


The demo kicks off in some kind of war room, before our character hops into a gunship and everything goes a little bit Star Wars.

After a dogfight, it’s out of the ship as the player grapples across a wrecked space vessel, shooting people as he goes – I should point out at this point that all of this is going on in space.

Soon enough, it’s on to the enemy ship for more shooting and a couple of explosions, before the demo ends with a another glimpse of Modern Warfare Remastered, which seems a touch reductive.

It’s uncertain at this point whether Infinite Warfare can win round the haters, and lord knows Infinity Ward have a mountain to climb just to get back on level pegging.