Calls For Snooper’s Charter To Be Pushed Through In UK After Paris Attacks


Lord Carlile has called for Theresa May’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’ to be rushed through in Parliament within the next month in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, which left at least 127 people dead.

Speaking after the shootings in the French capital, the Lib Dem peer claimed: “It could have been London”.

The Investigatory Powers Bill – aka. the Snooper’s Charter – would require internet companies to store people’s browsing history, and grant police and security services increased powers to access people’s online information.

Home Secretary Theresa May presented the draft bill to the House of Commons earlier this month, but the bill has already faced a lot of criticism and backlash, with many calling it an “invasion of privacy” of British citizens.


Home Secretary Theresa May introduced the bill earlier this month.

However, David Cameron has called the increased surveillance powers “absolutely vital”, as it will stop giving terrorists a safe space online to communicate.

And Lord Carlile, who previously served as an Independent Reviewer of Terror Legislation, believes the bill should be brought in sooner, rather than later.

Speaking to Sky News, he said:

This is a subject that’s been discussed repeatedly and at great length. The home secretary presented a draft bill which would not become law possibly until the 31st of December 2016. My view is that we don’t have time to wait, that what is in the bill is for the most part perfectly reasonable. It could pass through parliament within the next three to four weeks if the government decided that should happen, and I believe that the necessary powers need to be on the statute book as quickly as that.