Calls Grow To Boycott Ikea Over Controversial Vaccine Sick Pay Announcement

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Calls have been rising for Ikea to be boycotted after the company decided to cut sick pay for unvaccinated members of staff who are required to self-isolate. 

Amid the spread of Omicron – which has caused an increasing number of people to take time off work – Ikea has decided to change its payment plans for members of staff who have refused to get vaccinated.


Unvaccinated workers who need to self-isolate because of coronavirus will now only receive the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) minimum of £96.35 per week.

However, the hashtag #BoycottIkea has since been trending on Twitter, with one user branding the company’s decision as an example of ‘disgusting discrimination’.

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Ikea announced full pay would be granted for isolation periods experienced by workers who are ‘fully vaccinated’ or with ‘mitigating circumstances’.


It stated:

Unvaccinated co-workers will be paid in line with our company absence policy for self-isolation, with close-contact isolation being paid at Statutory Sick Pay. We appreciate that this is an emotive topic and all circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis, therefore anyone in doubt or concerned about their situation is encouraged to speak to their manager.

Wessex Water has similarly reduced staff members’ pay to the SSP minimum if they are unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, companies such as Asda and Santander have tried to encourage employees to get jabbed in a bid to lower the number of staff absences.


Ikea’s decision has sparked subsequent backlash from members of the public who have flooded to social media to oppose the change. One said: ‘IKEA’s highly discriminatory employment policies regarding the unvaccinated will end badly. In the meantime #BoycottIkea.’

Another wrote: 

Companies like @IKEAUK are not above the law because they have the ability to set their own policies.

We sincerely hope that affected employees take them to court over this infringement of the Equalities Act (2010).



A third commented: ‘So @IKEA does a mitigating circumstance include isolating because of contact with an infected vaxxed employee (or infected by)? Shameful. Off my shopping list. #BoycottIkea #lookingaftereachother #DoNotComplyEVER.’


Ikea Cuts Sick Pay For Unvaccinated Staff Self-Isolating

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Others responded by creating the hashtag #SupportIKEA, with one user noting how the company was, in their view, actually ‘stopping workers putting their customers at risk by not taking a two second vaccine that will help lessen the risk of catching what can be a deadly virus for some’.

Another said:


Planning on going to @IKEAUK to get bits for the kids’ nursery, but still a little nervous about going to places with large crowds given the ongoing pandemic.

Now I’ve seen #BoycottIkea trending I feel so much safer. Excellent piece of publicity and keeps the antivaxers away.

A third noted: ‘Ikea: we don’t want unvaccinated people in our shop. Anti vaxxers: #BoycottIKEA. Beautiful.’

Ikea’s decision follows news that the UK’s Covid-19 death toll had surpassed 150,000 on January 8.

If you’ve been affected by coronavirus and want up to date advice, visit the Gov.uk help page here. If you need medical help call NHS 111 or visit online

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