Cameraman Intervenes As ‘Drunk Woman’ Social Experiment Takes Worrying Turn


We have all had a girl friend on a night out who’s had a little too much to drink and manages to lose everyone, but this social experiment conducted in Spain shows some deeply worrying reactions of a lot of men who spot a lone, drunk woman…

An actress pretended she was drunk, had lost all her friends, had no phone battery, and was hoping for some help to find her mates, or a way home. However, the situation just seemed to escalate, with a steady stream of men more interested in getting her more drunk above all else.


At one point the experiment had to be halted, as a waiter at a nearby restaurant appears to pin the woman up against a wall and try to kiss her on multiple occasions, with some of the film crew stepping in to stop the sinister situation from developing any further.

The waiter was very upset once the the team led her away and was heard saying, ‘hey, why do you take her away. You don’t take her’, before her colleague lies to him that she’s a customer of his before finally walking away safely with the actress.


Sadly, this man wasn’t the only one who was looking to take advantage. She was first approached by a group of middle aged men who asked where she was from, before one man added: ‘I don’t think you’ve drank enough.’ Whilst another tried taking her elsewhere to sit down.

The footage was captured at 5.30pm in downtown Madrid, and was part of a social experiment to see how men react when they are confronted by a lone, drunk woman. The entire film was uploaded to YouTube by rehab clinic Centro Europeo Neurosalus and shows the ‘drunk woman’ swigging from a bottle in a carrier bag in a knee-length dress.

The most worrying thing to ponder is what may have happened if this was not an experiment. It’s frankly terrifying and disgusting in equal amounts.