Can The Queen Say No To Theresa May Forming A Majority Government?


Following the expectation defying election resulting in a hung Parliament, all bets are off for what outcome Theresa May will try for.

As after all elections, the Prime Minister will be traveling to Buckingham Palace at 12.30pm to ask permission from the Queen to form a government.

The Conservative Party failed to win an overall majority of 326 seats, but following the backing of the Democratic Unionist Party they can form a minority government.

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Last time we had a hung Parliament in 2010, the Tories were forced into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

The night was supposed to be one of Conservative domination to give May a greater mandate in Parliament, however it quickly descended into a night of crippling uncertainty for the future of the Tory party.

Because of this embarrassing turnout for May, the public are questioning what would happen if the Queen exercised her Royal Prerogative and rejected Theresa May’s request.

In the UK the Queen is a constitutional monarch which means she is technically The Sovereign Head of State, although her powers are mostly ceremonial, with an elected parliament passing legislation.

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The Queen’s role is no longer considered to have genuine political or executive power, so if she was to say no to Theresa May, she would likely be seen as interfering with democracy.

Jeremy Corbyn, who has had an incredibly successful election, called for May to resign after her plan for a greater majority backfired.