Can You Not? Here’s What Chloe From That Classic Meme Is Doing Now

Lily & Chloe Official/YouTube

We all know Chloe, the cute side-eye girl who found herself a subject in the world of Memes after a funny reaction to going to Disneyland – well she’s grown a bit since then…

In case you’ve managed to somehow avoid seeing the clip in which the side-eye originated – here’s Chloe with her sister Lily as they’re told by their parents that they will be going to Disney:

That was almost four years ago now and since then, little Chloe’s reaction has gone viral, with memes and gifs constantly popping up across the internet and over social media – often with the words “can you not” emblazoned across the image.

The star has recently visited Brazil with her family for a Google campaign where she saw her meme covering lifts and billboards all over the city.

She even signed autographs and signed photos during the trip.

Here she is…

Well she seems more impressed with being on camera these days!