Can You See What’s So Shocking About Donald Trump’s Google Results?

by : Tom Percival on : 11 Jun 2016 14:36
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If you Google Donald Trump you’ll find, hate-filled rants, plenty of protest and shockingly a reference to the human face of evil, Adolf Hitler.


For some strange reason when you Google Donald Trump’s birthday you’ll get the answer, June 14, 1946, but also a collection of World War 2 figures including Hitler, Stalin and randomly Eva Braun, Mic reports.

Could it be that Trump maybe shares a few traits with dictators gone by? Maybe? Even weirder Napoleon comes up and Trump’s not even mentioned annexing France … yet.

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Interestingly the vice versa’s also true and googling ‘When was Hilter born?’ will bring up Donald Trump.


No one’s quite sure whats causing the comparison between Trump and Hitler, but it may have somehting to do with people fearing the Donald’s a threat to democracy? Or it may be that they’ve both got naff hair cuts?

The rabid conservatives over at Fox News have sniffed a conspiracy theory though, pointing out that Googling Trump and Hitler together only brings up 25.7 million search results.


But if you Google him with Hillary Clinton you get 199 million search results, so they, fairly I might add, have asked: ‘why don’t we see him with other presidential candidates?’

Speaking to Mic a Google representative said they’re looking into it but that they don’t normally manually compare search results. Their site simply makes an algorithm that forms connections on its own

Honestly while Trump and Hitler may share similar rhetoric, blaming a handy scapegoat for the countries woes, we doubt that even Trumps that as mad as awful Adolf, so the search results are a little unfair.

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