Can You Spot The Lethal Predator Lurking In This Garage?

by : UNILAD on : 14 May 2017 18:49

Can you spot the deadly predator lurking in this photograph?


The picture was posted online by an Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 from Queensland, Australia, after they were called out to help by a concerned resident.

Once there, snake catcher, Lockie Gilding, found a two-metre-long carpet python playing hide and seek in a garage in Buderim, according to Sunshine Coast Daily.


He said:


The guy called me and said he’d seen the snake.

It was originally sitting outside the garage door and he went to get his friend to show him the snake. When they came back the snake was gone.

It was a couple of days later (when I was called) – the snake had been in there hanging out for a couple of days and during the night had been knocking things of the shelves.

Mr Gilding said the homeowner assumed the snake had gone on his merry way – instead, the non-venomous serpent slipped underneath the garage door and made itself at home.

In case you couldn’t find it…

Carpet pythons are found throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, they can reach up to 13ft in length though the size of an average adult is closer to 6ft.

They are mostly nocturnal, and are known to eat small mammals, birds and sometimes pet dogs.

Wouldn’t fancy finding that in my garage, or anywhere actually…

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Sunshine Coast Daily
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    Can you see the two metre long snake in this picture?