Can You Spot The NSFW Hidden Message In This School Book?


Most of us spent our schooldays trying to avoid staring at text books for too long.

Perhaps schoolkids’ aversion to intensive study is how this ‘Not Safe For School’ message ended up going unnoticed for 12 years.

A student designed this sneaky front cover to adorn the graduation programme for Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles.


The programme was printed back in 2004 for the year’s graduating class, and one student was charged with the task of creating the sleeve.

But, in a sly act of anarchic artistry, the creative soul left a little message for his graduating class and teachers in this drawing of a leaping dolphin.

Can you spot it?

However long it took you to notice ‘FUCK’ emblazoned across the ocean spray, I bet it didn’t take you over a decade. So, you’ve trumped the Palisades Charter High School teachers who had the wool pulled over their eyes.

This ultimate display of slow-burning juvenile rebellion is simple, effective and it’s fantastic.