Canadian Guy Absolutely Nails What British Kebab Shops Are Like

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The kebab: the great British tradition that comes from a different country.

As a throwback to our colonial heyday, there are many culinary delights that we consider a ‘great British tradition’. But are actually just things we’ve stolen from other countries, like the cheeky pissed-up wankers we are.

One such example is the kebab, a meat-filled treat that comes in many varieties – none of them British. Regions most commonly associated with the kebab include the Middle East, where you will find a shawarma, tender meat wrapped in a soft, fresh flatbread.

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Travel to Greece and you’ll be treated to a gyros, a flour wrap filled with meat, tomato, onion, tzatziki and the pièce de résistance – fries. The addition of fries is practically a work of God, as is, in my humble opinion, the addition of fries to pretty much everything.

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And in Turkey you’ll find a proper doner kebab, made from chunks of lamb, not meaty strips of congealed mystery.

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It is these meaty strips of unknown meat products that we often turn to in this United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. On those drunken nights, we revel in the culinary delights of spinning trunks of dripping grease, letting them overwhelm our senses.


A Canadian man has written about his love for this pissed British food staple in an eloquent series of tweets.

Here they are:


N.B. This post was really just an excuse to talk about my love of kebabs.