Cannabis Farm Discovered After Pigeons Take A Liking To Warm Roof


When you think of animals assisting in police work, you only really see horses or dogs getting involved, but apparently now pigeons are getting in on the action…

A weed farm was discovered by police after they saw hundreds of pigeons huddled together on a roof, using heat from the lamps growing the drugs to keep warm.


Police were based just yards away from the house in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside and they became suspicious when loads of birds flocked together to cosy up during these colder, winter months.

As soon as they had an idea of what might be going on, officers organised a raid of the property and found 14 cannabis plants capable of making around £1,200 worth of the drug every two and a half months according to the St Helens Star.


A source told The Sun: Police became suspicious on the first frosty morning of the winter around 10 days ago. The roof was covered with about 300 pigeons all keeping warm….they’ve moved on now though.”

Off to solve their next crime I bet… or just shitting on people’s cars. Either or.