Cape Cod Beachgoers Attempt To Save Stranded Great White Shark

by : UNILAD on : 09 Sep 2015 02:00

Has the tide turned in the PR battle that surrounds the ocean’s most feared predator, the great white shark?


Well given the hundreds of people who gathered to watch and aid a great white’s return to the water in Massachusetts, USA, it seems the public is finally beginning to empathise with the misunderstood beast.

The rescue mission took place on Sunday after a shark, large enough to at least seriously harm a human, became stranded on Cape Cod.

Tying a rope around the creature’s tail fin, a large human chain rapidly dragged the giant fish back into the water before releasing it.

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The support willing the shark’s rescuers on is undeniable, and the cheering when they seemingly succeed is a heart warming moment.

Ultimately the effort was in vain and it is reported the shark did not survive. But at least this bunch tried to make a difference!

On a side note it appears the police don’t share the same enthusiasm for conservation. If you haven’t watched the entire video give it another go and stick with it until the end.

An officer appears to usher the public away from the water and to safety. No problem there. Unfortunately he does so by waving his left hand about as if he is holding a gun, and screaming.

Spoil sport.

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