Capitol Police Officer Says Large Number Of People At Riots Were Racist

by : Saman Javed on : 22 Feb 2021 13:48
Capitol Police Officer Says Large Number Of People At Riots Were RacistGood Morning America/PA Images

A Capitol Police Officer who was inside the building on the day of the January 6 riots has said a lot of the insurgents were racist. 

‘Everybody wants to say that it was about politics, but there were a large number of people in that crowd that were racist,’ Harry Dunn said in a new interview.


He said he has never been to war, but the scene he saw inside the building was how he imagined war to look like.

‘You look up, it’s just a cloud of smoke, fire extinguishers have been going off. The floors are covered in white dust, water bottles, broken flagpoles, mask, empty canisters of pepper spray, helmets, Trump flags, everything in the rotunda, just laying there on the floor,’ he told Good Morning America this morning, February 22.

He recalls breaking down in tears at one point after a number of rioters hurled racist abuse at him.


‘I got called a n**** a couple dozen times protecting this building,’ Dunn said. ‘Is this America? They beat police officers with Blue Lives Matter flags. They fought us, they had Confederate flags in the US Capitol,’ he added.

Dunn also praised his fellow officers, including Eugene Goodman. Goodman was captured on video heroically leading rioters away from the Senate chamber where lawmakers had convened to certify Joe Biden’s win.


‘There were dozens of Eugene Goodmans that day. Eugene got caught on camera and I’m not surprised that he did the right thing, the brave thing, the heroic thing, there were so many Eugene Goodmans that weren’t caught on camera that day… and I’m proud to work with all of them,’ he said.


Since the events of January 6, the Capitol Police Department has fallen under scrutiny. One video shared to social media on January 6 showed police officers posing for selfies with the insurgents.

The Capitol Police Office of Professional Responsibility is currently investigating 35 Capitol Police officers for their actions on the day, while six members of the force have been suspended with pay.

Officers fighting off rioters at the CapitolPA Images

‘Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behaviour is not in keeping with the department’s rules of conduct will face appropriate discipline,’ police department spokesman John Stolnis said.


‘Everybody wants to know what could have been done differently because that shouldn’t have happened,’ Dunn said.

[I’ll] wait for the investigation to be completed officially and not draw conclusions about something of this magnitude, I’ll just leave it at that,’ he added.

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