Capitol Rioter Who Broke Into Pelosi’s Office Says He Called Her A ‘Biatch’ Not ‘B*tch’

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Capitol Rioter Who Broke Into Pelosi's Office Says He Called Her A 'Biatch' Not 'B*tch'Shutterstock/PA

Lawyers arguing for the release of a man who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Capitol riot have said he did not call her a ‘b*tch,’ but instead the ‘less offensive’ ‘biatch’.

In court documents, Richard Barnett’s attorneys argue that a note left by the rioter has been ‘misrepresented’ by government prosecutors to appear more threatening.


They write that ‘instead of writing the accusatory ‘You b*tch’ as the government falsely states, it only says ‘biatd’ and without the word ‘you’,’ adding that ‘on information and belief, the ‘d’ was meant to be two letters, ‘c’ and ‘h’ with the ‘c’ connected to an ‘h’ to spell the word ‘biatch’ which is a slang and less offensive word for ‘b*tch’.’

Capitol Rioter Who Broke Into Pelosi's Office Says He Called Her A 'Biatch' Not 'B*tch'US Department of Justice

Barnett, also known as Bigo, was photographed sitting at a desk in the House Speaker’s office on January 6, and was charged with theft of public property after he allegedly took a letter from Pelosi’s office.

In an on-camera interview shortly after he left the office, Barnett bragged about leaving the note, telling a New York Times reporter, ‘I left a note on her desk. It says ‘Nancy, Bigo was here, you b*tch’.’ He also denied stealing the letter, saying he took it because he bled on it, and left a quarter to pay for the envelope, adding ‘even though she ain’t f*cking worth it.’


Barnett was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas, two days after the riots in Washington DC, and was indicted on seven counts, including entering restricted grounds while carrying a weapon and aiding and abetting the disruption of the congressional session, CNN reports.


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A federal judge is set to rule today, April 27, on whether Barnett should be released from jail while he awaits trial. He has been denied release on previous occasions, with a judge in a January hearing saying the charges ‘don’t even properly capture the scope of what Mr. Barnett is accused of doing here.’


Barnett’s lawyers argue that he does not pose a risk to society and that ‘the government’s misrepresentation of [the note] is its latest deliberate attempt to mislead this Court by casting Mr. Barnett in the worst possible light in order to ensure that pretrial release is not granted in this case,’ Law and Crime reports.

A Washington Post investigation found that Barnett, a self-described white nationalist, bragged on Facebook in the weeks leading up to the riots that he ‘came into this world kicking and screaming, covered in someone else’s blood,’ and that he was ‘not afraid to go out the same way’.

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    Lawyers arguing for Capitol rioter's release say he called Pelosi a 'biatch,' which is 'less offensive'