Captain America: Civil War Trailer Gets Lego Remake And It’s Incredible


If you thought you were already pretty excited about Captain America: Civil War, it’s about to go up a whole different level…

Die-hard fans have recreated the whole trailer in Lego and it’s absolutely epic.


This new trailer for the films release in May retains the original dialogue while reproducing Captain America’s struggle to save his friend Bucky Barnes, as well as his fight against his former ally Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man.

The creators of the video have obviously gone all out and the craftsmanship is remarkable- with explosions and helicopter stunts to boot.


The brothers behind YouTube channel JimA73 created the all-Lego, almost shot-for-shot remake of the film’s first official trailer, setting the animated Lego action to the trailer’s dialogue and music track.

This isn’t the first film they have done a Lego remake for either. They’ve created clips for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Daredevil and a load more.

We’d be happy to watch the whole thing in Lego to be honest…