Captive SeaWorld Dolphin Gets Priceless Revenge On Tourist

by : UNILAD on : 09 Aug 2016 16:17

If you are going to pay to see captive animals then do not expect them to be pleased to see you.


A dolphin at SeaWorld’s Orlando park delivered a hilarious dose of karma to one paying customer.

Not content with viewing the sea mammals first hand the woman got her iPad out, and was made to immediately regret her decision…

As reported by the Daily Mail, one of the inquisitive creatures swam straight over and promptly relieved her of her technology.


Having soaked the device in its tank the dolphin loses its grip and the woman does manage to retrieve the tablet – but not before it received a significant amount of water damage.


Kuadiel Gomez wrote on a Facebook post:

Yesterday at SeaWorld Orlando I caught some footage you never see!

A dolphin lunged out and stole a lady’s iPad right out of her hand and then his other dolphin friends started splashing and soaking the entire crowd of people!

A couple dolphins came towards me lunging up like they were going to try and take my camera too! This is hilarious and was crazy to see.

It’s hard to have any sympathy to be honest…

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    iGrab! Cheeky dolphin snatches tablet computer out of the hand of visitor at Seaworld