Cards Against Humanity Release ‘For Her’ Version, But There’s A Twist


The adorable new Cards Against Humanity, For Her is aimed at women – it’s exactly the same as the original game, but comes in a pink box and is more expensive.

Now, when those men ‘retire to the parlour’ to talk about economics and man things, women can play this version of the popular game, which ‘only takes minutes for us ladies to understand’.

And, what’s more, it ‘pairs nicely with a glass of chilled white wine’ – ‘cuz that’s what women want. Super cute, right?

So ‘why?’ I hear you ask? According to Cards Against Humanity themselves:

It’s adorable. It’s cute. Self-care. Take time for yourself. Chia bowl. Perfect on your coffee table or bookshelf. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Brunch. Cheat day. Nasty women. Yaaaaaaaas queen! Good vibes only. Activated charcoal. Gender Reveal Party. Avocado face peels. You’re such a Miranda. Paleo.

The makers are, of course, joking.

They’re taking the perfect swipe at Pink Tax – where businesses charge extra for products such as  disposable razors and Bic pens aimed specifically for women.

Community director Jenn Bane doesn’t believe anybody will buy the product, telling Business Insider: “Women don’t fall for gimmicks, especially not gimmicks as stupid as this one.”

But for those who do want to buy the special edition, the proceeds will go to Emily’s List – which is an organisation devoted to getting more Democratic women elected to office.

Possibly one of the best things to come out of this ‘gimmick’ are the wonderfully sarcastic comments on Twitter…

Yaaas queen!