Careless Christmas Burglar Leaves Phone At Crime Scene, Victim Reacts Perfectly

Wales Online

There is never a good time of year to get burgled, but with less than a week until Christmas it is all the more devastating.

Luckily for one man in Tonypandy, Rhondda, his goods were pinched by an entirely incompetent burglar who incredibly managed to leave his phone at the scene last Sunday.

The victim was not downhearted for long as he devised the perfect plot to get a set of tools and a mountain bike back.

Having studied the phone and all of its contents the victim built up a good understanding of who had his stuff, and then took to Facebook.

According to Wales Online he posted the following:

You have probably now realised that you left your mobile phone on top of my shelf with the torch app still on. VERY SILLY BOY.

Not only do I have your phone and all photos, I have just spoken to DAD, UNCLE… and they have all given me the same name.

You have until 9am tomorrow morning to knock my front door with the mountain bike and every single tool you have stolen.

After 9am I will be calling… MAM MOBILE, NAN HOUSE and BOSS HOME.

The ball is in your court. Just remember I know who you are and where you live, it’s whether you want everyone on Facebook to know.”

The threat worked and the hapless criminal was brought back to the scene by his father.

The victim then responded to the original post, which had been shared over 16,000 times with the following:

With regards to all the comments about giving him a good slap: even though this morning I wanted to, by the time he got here his dad and uncle had already seen to that.”

Apparently the would-be burglar was ‘truly sorry’. I bet he bloody was.