Game Of Thrones Star Carice Van Houten Reveals Shocking Death Threats She Received Online

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Ever since she first appeared on the beaches of Dragonstone, Melisandre has been pissing off Game of Thrones fans but some people are taking their passion for the show way too far.

Carice Van Houten, who plays the centuries old Red Priestess, has revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that she’s received death threats on Twitter from so-called fans.

The abuse began after Melisandre sacrificed the adorable Shireen Baratheon to the Lord of Light by burning her at the stake at the end of Season Five .


For her part Carice managed to downplay the threats explaining that ‘there people who take it a little bit too seriously’.

And while it probably speaks to the quality of Carice’s acting that fans are so convinced by her performance they believe she actually deserves this abuse, it’s worth noting she didn’t really burn a little girl.

Seriously, do people still struggle with the difference between fact and fiction? They know that Game of Thrones isn’t a documentary right?

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Of course it’s swings and roundabouts when it comes to Thrones fans who went from hating Carice to adoring her again once Season Six rolled around and she resurrected everyone’s favourite mopey bastard John Snow.

She joked that the threats stopped and fans started offering to marry her instead.

Guess this story is just further proof that the web is dark and full of terrors!