Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Speech In GTA V Works Beautifully


We’ve seen plenty of creepy shit re-made in GTA V by now,  but can honestly say that we never thought we’d ever be remotely moved by anything that could come from such a fun videogame franchise. Well, colour us mistaken. 

Duggy, one of many Grand Theft Auto V video creators on YouTube has managed to use footage from the game to perfectly capture the essence of Carl Sagan’s famous Pale Blue Dot speech.

In this excerpt from the astronomer’s audiobook, Sagan beautifully points out our place in the universe, and manages to make us feel very small but somehow part of something larger all at the same time. Magical stuff.

We couldn’t tell you how the fuck Duggy managed to make this speech work so well in a game like GTA, but he absolutely did, so kudos to him.