Carpenter’s Rude Carving In Church Is Exposed Hundreds Of Years Later

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 05 Aug 2021 13:32
Carpenter’s Rude Carving In Church Is Exposed Hundreds Of Years Later@clashboy23/Twitter

A carpenter’s rude carving on a church ceiling has been exposed hundreds of years later. 

The x-rated carving has been discovered at Hereford’s All Saints Church, due to the construction of a new cafe taking place.


The carving was spotted when a light was shone at the ceiling of the church, due to the cafe building an extra floor with bright lights for the restaurant area.

The carving depicts a naked man holding his legs in the air, exposing his genitalia for the world to see. A controversial choice for such a religious location.

The carving was never picked up on by visitors, having lain in the darkness, a secret from unassuming passersby below for over 800 years.


The saucy image went viral on Reddit, with the original post describing the carpenter as ‘skillful’ despite the controversial position of the man in the art.

Other Reddit users took to the comments to share their amusement at the recently discovered figure. One said: ‘He probably sat in the church, looking up at it, knowing no one else knew it was there, tittering to himself.’

Another commented: 


Actually this was usually a response from carpenters, masons and the ilk when they were scammed of their pay. Literally hundreds of churches would employ skilled masons only to fluke out on the payment, and being the “church” as a institution is was almost always impossible for the workers to get their due.

So, a European wide-tradition of making cocks or assess was adopted. I forget which cathedral, but one of the largest of all in Europe had around 100 cherubs (those baby-angels). Only all of them had their groins broken.

A third said: ‘We still really hate our bosses’

While some may not call it art and take offence due to its previously religious location, the carpenter clearly put a lot of effort into sculpting the figure, going into very specific detail and leaving literally nothing to the imagination.

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