Cash Me Ousside Girl Explains What Really Happened In Mum Assault Video


Cash Me Ousside Girl, Danielle Bregoli, has set the record straight about a so-called ‘assault’ video between her and her mother.

The viral sensation was approach by a TMZ camera man whilst walking down Beverley Hills who asked her about the footage of her mother, Barbara Ann appearing to drag and beat Danielle to the ground.

However Danielle has come out in defence of her mother, saying that the footage was just a video of them play fighting, filmed by an ‘ex-best friend’ who ‘took it a whole ‘nother level’.

Check out the video below of Danielle explaining the situation.

At this point we’re pretty sure that you’re tired of hearing about Cassh Me Ousside Girl as much as our poor little fingers are tired of typing something about her everytime her name comes up in the news.

However considering the serious allegations against Barbara Ann and the implications it could’ve resulted in, it’s best that the record was set straight on this one.