Cash Me Ousside Girl Tweets How Much Money She Has, Gets Savagely Trolled


Danielle Bregoli just bragged about her newfound wealth on Twitter and the internet is so ready to Cash Her Ousside.

The 14-year-old web-made meme took to social media, proclaiming her apparently imminent millionaire status, thanks to various music video appearances and clothing deals.

You can watch a clip of the girl explaining her original TV appearance below:

Bregoli, in the latest media play, wrote a confrontational tweet to her haters, saying, ‘I’m bout to be a millionaire at 14. Whatchu all doing with ur lives?’

Danielle could hardly have expected a warm welcome from Twitter, writing ‘fuck ya’ll’ as she did, but she probably wasn’t expecting the subsequent trolling to be so brutal.

It all started with the White Man, who dismissed her as a member of his culture.


From there, things spiralled out of control, with Twitter users speaking on behalf of their cultures and abandoning all affiliation with the young Dr Phil television participant.

Aleyn Luis wrote: 

As a representative of the asian community we gracefully reject her for the immorality please ask the other tribes


The melodramatic comedic spat of trolling ended with an official spokesperson from Hell, inviting Bregoli into the fiery depths.

It’s official; you can now Cash Her Ousside all human dimensions.