Cashier Held At Gunpoint Explains His Incredibly Cool Reaction

by : UNILAD on : 30 Apr 2017 01:18
Kansas City Police Department

Recently released CCTV footage shows a cafe worker being robbed at gunpoint while reacting extremely calmly.


The usual response to having a gun put in your face would be to hand over the money immediately, but Jimmy John’s Assistant Manager Tuker Murray just met him with a death stare.

The shocking video shows the robber ordering his food normally before pulling a gun out of his hoodie and shoving it in Tuker’s face late on Wednesday night in Kansas City.

After a couple of death stares, Tuker handed over the cash but also called the robber an ‘amateur’.


As reported by the BBC, Tuker said:

I honestly didn’t want to give it to him but my manager was behind me, he was like ‘we’ll give it to you, we’ll give it to you’.

I gave it all to him and there was a dollar still sitting on here and he said ‘give me all of it’ and then I picked up the till and tried to give it to him.

I was actually surprised when the detective told me he’d done like 12 other robberies because it was amateur


Tuker seemed to just roll his eyes in the face of a gun, his bravery is impressive.

It’s the ultimate insult as a robber if the person you are trying to terrorise calls you an amateur.

A suspect has reportedly been apprehended thanks to tips from the community, and Jimmy John’s tweeted the police with their gratitude.

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