CCTV Captures Moment Mother Stuns Medical Staff With Incredibly Fast Birth


Jessica Stubbins has become the envy of expectant mothers everywhere after enduring an unbelievably short labour.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the new mother had barely taken a step inside the entrance of the hospital as baby Lucy made her way into the world.

The labour was so fast that the baby’s father, Tom, hadn’t even made it back from parking the car!


Speaking to ITV host Ben Shepherd, Jessica recalled:

I just told Tom he best drop me off at the door as he parked the car,” she said.

And then I was trying to close the door really quick and then as I got out I just knew that she was on the way.

Tom – who witnessed the birth for the first time on the show – said:

It was only about a hundred feet away and I still missed it.

Jess was saying ‘It’s a girl it’s a girl, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ because I’d missed it all. She felt guilty because I’d missed it and I was just in absolute shock.

While nurse Gemma Hoeft said:

I was heading to my car to get my food, I got to near the main road, I heard a scream and initially I thought it was a labour room window open.

But then I heard it again and then I heard footsteps. So I turned around and I saw Tom running, and obviously I could Jessica stooped over. I thought that girl’s not going to make it.

So I ran and by the time I arrived she was still stooped over but when I looked she had little Lucy in her arms. It was surreal, like something out a film. i just took my jacket off, wrapped Lucy up got Lucy sat down and with that Sally and another midwife came.

Thankfully both mother and baby are doing well – despite the unconventional birth!