CCTV Captures Teenager Damaging Every Panel Of Expensive Porsche With A Rock



Not sure quite why he did this, but it’s a top dickhead move, regardless.

This video is going viral, with the majority of people posting comments hating on the lad doing it.

Sure, a Porsche may be considered to be a ‘penis extension’ or the ultimate sign of a mid-life crisis, but regardless, they are usually a man’s pride and joy. And I doubt this is any different.

The lad in the ridiculously skinny jeans wanders around the car, dragging a rock along the paintwork, scratching every panel as he goes. His pink haired friend just stands by laughing, and people can be seen walking past.

At one point, the lad pours some of his booze onto the car’s roof. Not sure why.

There’s very little info accompanying the video, so the motive behind it isn’t known, but it appears to be very casual and senseless. Plus, if it was personal, surely the car’s owner would know who it was and not need to release the footage, which implies that it is a random act of damage.

Damaging a person’s car is a dick move, if you’ve got a problem, sort it out, don’t just scratch a car and run off!