CCTV Captures The Moment ‘Soul’ Leaves Woman’s Body After Fatal Accident

by : UNILAD on : 04 Oct 2016 11:22


A motorcycle passenger who was involved in a fatal road accident is the source of a mass online debate after a video of her death emerged, appearing to show the exact moment her soul left her body.


The motorbike passenger was knocked off the bike when a car pulled out on her and the driver of the bike knocking their bike into a power-pole and hurtling to the ground, killing the passenger instantly, reports the Mirror.

The short video shows the crash and the immediate aftermath as a black orb visibly emerges from the lifeless passenger’s body on the ground.


The driver of the car runs over to the two bodies on the ground as the dark shadow lingers in the air before vanishing.


Although many believe that the shadow is visible proof of ghouls and an afterlife there are just as many people criticising the video for being fake while also disrespectful to the woman who was killed in the accident.

The original video was recorded outside the Phibun Songkram Camp in Lopburi, Thailand and the footage was apparently obtained via CCTV.


A girl known as Manee died at the scene of the crash while a man called Banjongrat suffered serious injuries.

It certainly makes for a bizarre video.

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