Brutal CCTV Footage Shows Man Kicking Woman Down Flight Of Stairs


This is the horrifying moment a thug kicks a woman in the back, sending her flying down a flight of stairs.

The CCTV footage captured in Berlin shows an unidentified male approaching a woman from behind as she descended a flight of stairs in a metro station. Moments later, in a seemingly unprovoked attack, the man kicks the unsuspecting woman in the back, reports the New York Post.

Holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, the man aimed a targeted kick at her back sending her flying down eight steps before landing on her face at the bottom.

The attacker, flanked by three companions, surveys the painful consequences of his violent actions casually before walking back up the stairs and sauntering away, leaving the woman on the floor.

The woman’s safety and well-being is yet to be confirmed, but hopefully the dissemination of this footage will help the authorities bring this senseless man to justice.