Charles Bronson Sent Alton Towers Crash Victim A Very Interesting Drawing

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jul 2015 12:02


Leah Washington, who recently lost her leg after the Alton Towers ride she was on crashed, has received a very interesting get well soon card.


The sender of the card is one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners, Charles Bronson, and features a random drawing of a dragon.

The smiling dragon comes with the words ‘It’s nice to be nice!’, and ‘Leah, hope you get well soon, x’ and is then signed off by ‘Salvador’, Bronson’s new name.


This sort of act is not out of the ordinary for Bronson, however. The former robber and kidnapper, who is serving a life-sentence, regularly sends books and drawings to sick kids, including four-year-old leukaemia sufferer Frankie Allen, who he recently wrote a book for.


Speaking to The Mirror, Bronson’s pen-pal, Darren Holdcroft said:

Frankie’s dad asked me if I could mention it to Charlie to see if he could help Leah and her family with any future fundraising so he spent a day creating this get well soon piece for her.

It’s a side not many people get to see. The amount of art he produces for sick children is unbelievable and he has helped raise thousands of pounds and hopefully now he can help to raise some funds for Leah and her family’s charities to.

Leah-Washington-and-Joe-PughLeah-Washington-and-Joe-PughLeah Washington and her boyfriend

Bronson continues to produce artwork in prison and sells it on under his new name, Charles Salvador.

A piece of Bronson’s artwork can bring between £400 and £1,000 at auction.

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