Charles Bronson’s Reaction To Murderer Rose West’s Love Letter Was Priceless

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Charles Bronson has been enjoying some time in the limelight over the past few days after news emerged of his proposal to a Corrie actress back on Valentine’s Day.

Despite being worldly known as Britain’s most violent prisoner, Britain’s hardest prisoner, and Britain’s most notorious prisoner, Bronson sure gets some attention from the ladies, reports the Mirror.


One of them, who probably isn’t the sort of woman most men are lusting over, is serial killer Rose West.


Rose West and her husband Fred worked together in the murder of ten women and children – something Bronson finds utterly sickening.

West sent Bronson a letter, rumoured to be a love letter, claiming they would get on well and asking for his advice on surviving prison. Bronson had a brutal reply, telling Rose to hang herself.


According to The Sunday People, Bronson said:

Rose West sent me a letter that was like a fucking love letter. That’s when she was on the lifers’ wing in Durham.

I said to the guard, ‘Give it to me’ and he said: ‘I don’t know if you’ll want this, Chaz – it’s off Rose West.’ I said: ‘Who? Rose fucking West?’

But what she was doing, she was feeling me out. And I think she wanted some advice on how to do her bird.

I sent her a card, a post card. On the bottom of it I put: ‘PS. The best thing you can do, Rose, is rip your sheets up and call it a day.’

But the story doesn’t end there. Apparently, Bronson, who now goes under the name Charles Salvador in ode to the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, also told Fred West to commit suicide – who did so back in 1995 while awaiting trial.


Charles explained:

I used to wind him up every day through his door.

I used to go to his spy hole in his door and I used to go: ‘Come on Fred, the best thing you can do mate is top yourself. You’re only an old nonce.’

And then I moved away and he fucking topped himself.

I have no words.

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