Charles Manson Has Got A New Mugshot Following His Ill Health


Charles Manson is currently serving multiple life sentences for his connection to a string of murders that took place in California in the late 60’s

Manson and his cult – who became known as the Manson Family – were responsible for a total of nine horrific murders, including Sharon Tate – the girlfriend of Roman Polanski who was eight months pregnant with the director’s child.

Following his arrest, Manson’s haunting mugshot became synonymous with the case.


Nearly 50 years on from his imprisonment, Manson’s appearance has changed dramatically. Time and an infamous swastika tattoo only increased his notoriety, and the public fascination with images of the criminal.

For security reasons, prisoners in America are required to take updated mugshots every few years.


That symbol of hate, inked onto his forehead, looks rather prominent – especially considering how much time has passed for the tattoo to fade – causing many to believe he’s had it re-done.

Then again, it could be his scowling face, and the numerous wrinkles accentuating the symbol on the mugshot.


82-year-old Mason was photographed on Monday, at the Corcoran State Prison in Northern California. It was reported by TMZ that Manson was rushed to a nearby hospital recently, where he spent days inside for a lesion in his intestines, which caused significant bleeding.

Surgery had been scheduled but was later cancelled as Manson was reportedly considered ‘too high risk’ for the operation.