Charlie Bronson Told Judge To Hurry Up So He Could Have Fish And Chips

Charles BronsonSWNS

One of Britain’s most notorious inmates, Charles Bronson, had a few orders for a judge during his latest court appearance.

The 65-year-old, who’s been in prison for over 40 years, was said to be impatient while attending a court hearing via video link from HMP Frankland, in Durham.

It’s not like he’s got anywhere to be so why so impatient? Then again, he probably sees prison as his home and wants to keep an eye on everything going on.

Bronson is alleged to have repeatedly checked his watch during his hearing, before losing his patience, reports The Sun.

At one point, he’s said to have blurted out:

Come on, it’s nearly dinner time. Fish and chips today.

It didn’t end there though – clearly frustrated, he then turned his attention to the judge, Guy Kearl QC.

Bronson continued:

That’s a lovely wig you’ve got on there — do they make them in black?

Bronson then started having a go at the judge over the fact he wasn’t allowed to make an appearance in court, in person. Maybe he just wanted a day out because I can’t imagine being locked up for so long is a nice thing to have to deal with?

Bronson said, over video, it made him feel like he was in Star Trek, saying:

You should have had me in that courtroom today so I can travel. I could look through the prison van at all the countryside, the animals, the people, the buildings.

You have denied me that today and I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

Charles BronsonPA

Bronson’s latest court appearance is a result of an attack on a deputy governor and will face trial come November.

He continued ranting to the court:

I have been locked up in prison for four-and-a-half decades. I have never used a computer.

The last time I had a mobile phone it was as big as a house brick. I’m not used to all this technology. I don’t like it. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It just don’t go with me.

It’s not justice and I still believe British justice is the best on the planet. That’s coming from a man who has been in prison all his life.

People like yourself (the judge) are doing this country a dishonour.

Bronson AdvertPA

Unfortunately for Bronson, if he was looking for a reaction, he failed miserably.

Judge Guy Kearl QC refused to acknowledge the prisoner’s outburst and instead, continued with the hearing.

Bronson was told he’d be staying in custody and his trial would begin in Leeds, November 12, 2018.

It seems things are going from bad to worse for Mr Bronson. After finding love with Paula Williamson, he’s now filing for divorce.

After images were published of Williamson enjoying herself on holiday with friends on a ‘lads holiday’, he branded her ‘a drunken tart’ in a furious letter.

During a trip to Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands, one of the images showed Williamson kissing one of the males she was with, while another showed one of the men burying his head in her chest.

Can’t say I’m surprised by any of it – are you?

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